Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting my Wii Fit to talk to my Tomato Router

The situation: a Wii Fit and a Linksys-Cisco WRT54GL running Tomato 1.23. Every time I tried to connect the Wii Fit to my WPA2 network, I kept getting the following error:
Error Code: 51330 Unable to connect to the Internet
A quick google turned by this page which led me to start playing with by wireless and security settings. Long story short, here are the settings (under the "Basic" setup menu) I ended up with that worked for me. I'm not sure all are important, but I'm pretty sure the last two (Encryption and Security) are.

Channel 1
B/G Mode: Mixed
Encryption: TKIP/AES
Security: WPA/WPA2 Personal