Sunday, October 18, 2009

Google Docs folder sharing and my iPhone

One of the the things that has constantly annoyed me about my iPhone is that Safari is lousy at remembering my passwords. And I tend to use long, random passwords, which means they are (1) hard to enter on the iPhone pseudo keyboard and (2) hard for me to remember. Most of the time on my laptop, I keep my passwords in KeePass and cut'n'paste them into whatever application needs them (and yes, I think this is more secure than trying to memorize all the hundred+ passwords I have, but that's another post).

And yes, there are similar applications to KeePass for the iPhone, but I don't know any good way to sync my KeePass database with them.

One of the things I really like to do on my iPhone is access a set of recipes I have in Google docs. But inevitably my login session has timed out, so I have to go back to my laptop, get my Google password and type it in. By the time I do all that, it's easier just to have used my laptop in the first place.

However, when Google added the feature of sharing whole folders, a solution popped into my head: create a Google account just to use on my iPhone, give it a password I can actually remember, and then share my recipes with that account.

Why not just give my main Google account a password I can remember? Well, because I actually have stuff accessible by that account I care about, so I want a strong password on it. But since my new iPhone Google account only has access to stuff I share with it, and most of that is read-only, if that password is guessed, the ramifications are much less.